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2008 Rex Procession

“Royal Rivers”

The 2008 Rex Procession wound through the streets of one of the world's great river cities, but on every continent, and throughout history, rivers have played a central role in the growth of civilization. Ancient peoples gave them magical names, and ascribed to them god-like powers. Even the mythical underworld needed a river, the River Styx. Rivers became the earliest highways and routes for commerce, and opened the unknown world to exploration. Nowhere was that more true than in the New World, where rivers like the Amazon, the Hudson, the Mississippi, and the Missouri welcomed explorers and settlers. The 2008 "Royal Rivers" Procession was dedicated to B. Temple Brown, Jr., Rex in 1992, who for many years played a key role in the creation of our parades. Mr. Brown first imagined and proposed this theme; his initials were inscribed on the title float.