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Rex Ball

Photo Credit: Mike Posey Photography

The Rex Ball

The Rex Ball brings Mardi Gras to a glittering conclusion, combining music, traditional pageantry, processions, marches, and dancing. In recent years the Rex Ball has been held in New Orleans' Sheraton Hotel, and the Comus Ball has been held across Canal Street at the Marriott Hotel. The meeting of the two courts is the highlight of the evening. The Rex Ball and the Meeting of the Courts are televised live on WYES-TV/Channel 12, beginning at 7:30 P.M. on Mardi Gras evening. Program hosts are Errol and Peggy Scott Laborde, and Rex Archivist, Dr. Stephen Hales.

Photo Credit: Mike Posey Photography

Marine Band

The Rex Organization has always had strong ties to the military, and many officers attend the ball in full dress uniform. A highlight of the ball is the appearance of the Marine Band, which presents an impressive musical program, including a performance of the official hymn of each military service.

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The arrival of Rex and his Queen in the ballroom is announced by the fanfare of the Royal Trumpeters. Their fanfare also announces the arrival of Rex and the Queen of Carnival when arrive at the Comus Ball for the Meeting of the Courts.

Photo Credit: Mike Posey Photography

The Royal Procession

Rex and his Consort lead the court in a glittering procession around the ballroom. Rex 2003 was Richard West Freeman, Jr., and Shelby Scott Westfeldt was the Queen of Carnival.

Photo Credit: Mike Posey Photography

Bowing to Royalty

Once Rex, the Queen of Carnival and their court are seated on the dais guests move forward in groups to pay their respects. Following the traditional Grand March guests are invited to join in dancing until the King and Queen of Carnival depart to visit the Comus Ball.

The Rex Court

The Rex Court consists of Rex, his Queen, eight maids and eight dukes.

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The Meeting of the Courts

Traditionally the last act of Carnival takes place when the King and Queen of Carnival visit the Comus Ball. Comus and his Queen greet Rex and his Consort, and a grand procession of the two courts follows. Another Carnival season draws to a glittering close.

Photo Credit: WYES

WYES Telecast

Each year WYES televises the Rex Ball and the Meeting of the Courts of Comus and Rex. Peggy Scott Laborde is the long-time host of this telecast. Peggy is assisted by Mardi Gras historian Errol Laborde and Rex Archivist Stephen Hales. Copies of the program are available through the WYES website, www.wyes.org.