Dec 3, 2021

Rex Honors Longstanding Relationship with St. Augustine

On December 1, at a dinner in the French Quarter to celebrate its 150th anniversary, the Rex Organization honored its longstanding relationship with St. Augustine High School and the Marching 100. The relationship between the Rex Organization and St. Augustine High School stretches back over 50 years ago to when the Marching 100 first joined the Rex Parade in 1967.

The Marching 100 performed several of its high-energy songs on Royal Street, in front of Galerie de Galatoire, where the Rex anniversary dinner occurred. Following that special performance, on behalf of the Rex Organization, Rex Official James J. Reiss, III and Rex Member Dr. Kenneth St. Charles, the former President of St. Augustine High School and presently the Vice President for Philanthropy for the Greater New Orleans Foundation, presented the scroll to St. Augustine High School President Aulston Taylor.