Jan 6, 2014

Rex Announces 2014 Parade Theme

Since the beginning of time, man has searched for something greater, some force or entity beyond his harsh mortal sphere. The theme of the 2014 Rex Procession, "Gods of All Ages" depicts gods and goddesses of antiquity. Ancient deities reflected the wonder of the celestial bodies, the changing seasons, and powerful beasts, both real and imagined. Ancient cultures loved, feared and sought to appease their powerful gods. Their fearsome and colorful images have endured through the millennia, inspiring the design of the 2014 Rex Procession.

The 2014 Rex parade, with 27 floats and 450 costumed riders, will roll along the traditional St. Charles Avenue parade route beginning at 10 AM on Mardi Gras morning, March 4, 2014.

The "Rex in the Classroom" program allows teachers and students to access materials about the Rex theme and float titles. Teachers and students can use these materials to learn more about "Gods of All Ages."