Jan 27, 2012

2012 Parade Explores the Ancient Americas

Long before European explorers visited American shores rich and diverse cultures thrived throughout North, Central and South America. Filled with powerful symbols and images, a rich tradition of storytelling helped preserve the history and mythology of these ancient cultures. Now these stories, images and traditions inspire the design of the floats of the 2012 Rex Procession, each float illustrating a story told long before Columbus.

The 2012 Rex Procession, the 131st parade presented by the School of Design, will also include a new permanent float, "The Butterfly King." The butterfly has long been a symbol of the fleeting beauty of Mardi Gras. Butterfly wings were added to the King of Carnival in the design of the invitation to the 1882 Rex Ball, creating the enduring image of the "Butterfly King." This new float joins other permanent floats, including the King's float, the Boeuf Gras, Jester, and the Royal Barge. The 2012 Rex Parade comprises 27 beautifully designed floats.

This theme presents wonderful opportunities for students to explore the worlds of culture, history and mythology presented in the parade. More information, including parade notes and selected web links, will be found in the Education Area of the Rex website.

For further information about the 2012 Rex Parade, and for archives displaying narratives, sketches, and images of past parades, visit the Parade Area of the Rex website.

WYES's Peggy Scott Laborde's 2012 Rex Parade Preview video gives a beautiful glimpse of "Lore of the Ancient Americas."