Jan 22, 2007

2007 Rex Procession Ready to Roll

The Rex Den has been a very busy place as artists and craftsmen work to complete floats for the 2007 Rex Parade. Several floats have been completely rebuilt, and others have undergone major renovations to repair damage from Katrina's floodwaters. Many of the metal-rimmed wooden wagon wheels have been rebuilt or replaced because of flood damage.

Mardi Gras falls on February 20th this year, and the 2007 Rex Parade is scheduled to begin at 10 AM. The official starting point is the intersection of Napoleon Avenue and Freret Street. From there the parade will follow the traditional route down St. Charles Avenue, turning right when it reaches Canal Street.

This year's theme, "The Lunar Realm," inspires a beautiful parade illustrating lunar mythology from many cultures as well as colorful references to the moon from art, song, literature, and poetry.

"Rex in the Classroom" program materials are posted in the Education area of the Rex website. These materials are available to teachers and students for use in the weeks before Mardi Gras. In past years students in hundreds of classrooms around the world have created wonderful projects based on the Rex Parade Theme and float titles. Much of this student work from past years is posted in the Archive section found in the Education area.