May 1, 2006

"Operation Pro Bono Publico" a Great Success

The Rex Organization's "Operation Pro Bono Publico," launched in advance of Mardi Gras 2006, has been a successful effort to respond to some of New Orleans' critical needs as our city continues to recover from the effects of Hurricane Katrina. "Pro Bono Publico," which means "For the Public Good," has been the motto of the Rex Organization since its founding in 1872. Under the leadership of Christian T. Brown, three separate initiatives named for the traditional Carnival colors—purple, green, and gold—were initiated, and have more than achieved their objectives.

Project Gold, led by Randall Walker, successfully raised over $30,000 through a partnership with the Renew New Orleans Foundation. These funds were contributed to the New Orleans Police Foundation to help police officers and other first responders who lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina. Rex members purchased commemorative bracelets which they threw to crowds along the parade route on Mardi Gras.

Project Green, led by Tim Reily, was successful in organizing a huge parade route cleanup activity on the Saturday after Mardi Gras. Partnering with the Katrina Krewe, and joined by other parading organizations and families, Project Green turned out almost a thousand volunteers who helped clean up the entire uptown parade route.

Project Purple, led by Stephen Hales, expands the Rex Organization's educational program, Rex in the Classroom, to provide broad support to New Orleans' Charter Schools. These schools are now the primary public school resource serving New Orleans' children. Project Purple volunteers, several hundred strong, have provided legal, technical, accounting, architectural, and other services to these schools. Volunteers have also arranged corporate partnerships, raised support funds, and worked to help launch New Schools for New Orleans, a new organization which will help assure that Charter Schools succeed. Project Purple is an ongoing program and commitment.

For pictures and additional information on "Operation Pro Bono Publico" please visit Rex Traditions.