Rex in the Classroom

The Rex parade traditionally illustrates a theme rich in references to history, mythology, geography and the arts-a colorful world inviting exploration. Rex in the Classroom was created to encourage and support that exploration by students of every age.

In this area you will find materials describing this year's Rex parade, including parade notes, illustrations, and web links. These materials may be used to support teachers' efforts as they help their students explore the theme and float titles of this year's Rex parade.

The theme of the 2015 Rex Procession, "Wars That Shaped Early America" represents a colorful history lesson, presenting in sequence battles and wars that cumulatively defined, established and protected America. Spanning almost two centuries, from the Pequot War (1636-37) through the War of 1812 and the Battle of New Orleans (1815), the 2015 Rex parade is rich in opportunities for study across many disciplines.

Parade bulletins are provided for classrooms participating in "Rex in the Classroom."

To the extent possible we will post or provide links to student work as well as suggestions from educators for introducing. Please feel free to contact us through the Rex website with suggestions and feedback.

Available "Rex in the Classroom" materials: