We are not able to sell Rex items directly to the public. Rex Proclamations, Parade Bulletins, and some other Rex items can be obtained from other sources.

2020 Rex Proclamation

Each year an artist selected by the Rex Organization creates an original Rex Proclamation art print highlighting the year's theme or one of the iconic images of Rex and Carnival. These sought-after collectors' items may be signed by the artist and by the King of Carnival, and always carry the notation “Rex Proclaims Carnival.”

The 2020 Rex Proclamation is the work of New Orleans artist Molly McGuire. Ms. McGuire’s artwork illustrates “Omens and Auguries,” the theme of the 2020 Rex procession. Images of prophets and portents appear along with Rex symbols in the colorful style that has made Ms. McGuire a rising star in the vibrant New Orleans art scene.

2020 Rex Parade Bulletin

Revived in 2002 from an earlier era, the Rex Bulletin presents the entire colorful Rex float procession of each year’s elaborately themed parade. In the past, local newspapers published the bulletin along with a detailed description of the parade theme and each float—these old bulletins have become important resources in documenting early parades. The 2020 Rex Parade Bulletin presents the designs of the floats illustrating this year’s theme, “Omens and Auguries.”

Bulletins are available for online purchase to the public from an external website.